During this Urban October, we’d like to take this opportunity to share our general vision of the architectural practice and the way we view our role in shaping the cities of today, and inevitably, of tomorrow.

As a complex ecosystem where people engage in a wide variety of activities, the urban fabric is both the canvas and the starting point for each and every one of our projects. It's always with inhabitants in mind that we design urban environments where soft mobility and green spaces go hand in hand and where housing, offices, leisure and other functions can intertwine in harmony. Offering a qualitative urban experience, each project fosters the sense of community and contributes to shape a New Way of Living the city.

We are convinced that designing architecture to last is an attitude. Deeply rooted in our collective consciousness, sustainability permeates our processes as early as the initial sketches and all the way to project delivery. As we aspire and work for more durable cities, the preservation of the built heritage and conversion of existing buildings play more than ever a central role in our practice. By actively pursuing a New Way of (re)Building, we learn to (de)construct in order to (re)construct, to (re)use resources to (re)build, and to do more with less.

Our curiosity and creativity are our driving forces. They inspire us to face contemporary challenges, explore new solutions and be at the forefront of change. With the New Way of Working spreading across the work environment, the share of office renovations in our portfolio has remarkably increased. More and more clients are turning to us to create flexible, versatile and performant offices equipped with spaces to create, interact and share. In parallel, the need for a professional space in the residential sphere has also arisen, enabling us to re-invent our approach to housing.

Driven by a sense of constant inquiry, we regularly take a step back to take two steps forward. From preliminary study to execution, our internal process is imbued with learnings from previous experiences. Using a cross-sectional toolbox developed by our R&D team, we extract knowledge from every completed project to infuse it into upcoming ones. Whether it's in construction details, energy performance or overall sustainability, we always strive to go beyond standards.

Fervent believers of the power of the collective, we nurture a culture of continuous improvement where we analyze projects and share their learnings together. As architects, collaboration is at the very heart of our profession and we put it into practice by creating solid partnerships with clients and consultants, a continuous dialog with public authorities and internal synergies within our team. Rich of diverse personalities and multiple capacities, it's our team's dynamism and dedication that allow us to always innovate and exceed expectations.