Continuous training, experience sharing & co-construction: key points at DDS+.

Within the framework of our continuous training, cross-functional workshops are regularly set up. They are co-constructed with the entire DDS+ team; everyone is involved in the creation (and participation) of these different workshops.

In this perspective of co-construction and experience sharing, “Ateliers Pratiques” are regularly given by a DDS+ expert in a particular field. They aim to improve the quality and optimize the use of the different software, with a particular focus on Archicad. The topics proposed during these sessions are selected based on the feedback received regarding the needs of each person as well as on the numerous questions that our teams are confronted with on a daily basis.

“Ateliers Pratiques” number 5, which took place at the end of May, had the objective of simplifying "complex profiles", this Archicad tool allowing the generation of shapes/geometries that are too complex to be modeled using the program's basic tools. An important training at DDS+ because we use them from the PU phase onwards, in order to model acroteria, facade feet, balconies, beams, profiled columns, ...

These transversal workshops allow us to be in constant evolution, together, in order to meet today's needs and anticipate tomorrow's.

Share is one of the key values of DDS+: "We believe in collective intelligence sustained by all team members, mixing skills and experiences."
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