Human scale

Big scale architecture, human scale service.

We are a big studio. Diverse personalities, multiple capacities. Our service is convivial and responsible. We pay attention. To context, people, details, ambitions, desires and needs. Attention is vitality. It connects you with others. Keeping each other informed allows us to help clients better, find solutions, and stay inspired.


Allow space for shared ideas.

We believe in collective intelligence sustained by all team members, mixing skills and experiences. By regularly challenging our teams, we want to lend each project a fresh pair of eyes. Communication is key. Taking the time to explain. Also allowing space for the input of others. A generous enterprise, managed in cooperation.


Don’t create for, but with the client.

We want to co-construct in ongoing dialogue. Be coaches, supporters and players at once. Encouragers and challengers. The process drives the outcome. Teamwork amplifies capacities and unlocks vast creative potential. Appropriation brings care and commitment to every aspect of the project, from sketch to delivery. Our ultimate goal is a shared pride by everyone involved. From architect and contractor to client and end-user.

Tackle complexity

Tackle complexity with curiosity.

We are specialised in diversification. We like to deal with architectural complexity, various project scales and mixed programmes. As architects we are flexible, inventive and quick problem-solvers. We foster curiosity. We aim to produce simple answers to complex challenges. And there is always an answer.


Raise the bar.

One project, one story, one creative solution. Limits as source of inspiration. Surprise within expectations. Raise the bars for clients and ourselves. By freeing time and space for research, development and innovation.


Context-driven, not ego-driven.

We aim for remarkable and integrated architecture. No signature independent of context, but a considered answer for each place. We ask ourselves what the building needs to be, not (only) what we want the building to be.


Ode to durability.

Innovation is about radical change, growth, progress. Designing architecture to last is an attitude. Caring for details is not immediately visible, but crucial for the building’s long-term quality. Sustainability and innovation are not opposites, but close partners in architecture. We need both.

Space creators

Space creators, not space invaders.

We move in the real estate world with architectural responsibility. As interlocutor between architecture and profitability, we promote the value of good building design, generous public space and inspired urban living.

Not boring

Serious but not boring.

We are professional architects, but always in for a laugh. Serious but not boring. Demanding and warm. Reliable and inspiring. We combine the experience of years with young ideas. Creativity with critical rigour. Contrasts make stronger.


Grow and let grow.

Our company values are our backbone. We cherish integrity, accessibility and thoughtfulness. Measure twice, cut once. We have a strong commitment to finding a human balance between efficiency, quality, self-realisation and work pleasure. Team spirit is crucial. Grow and let others grow is our motto.