Our R&D team attended the BAMB’s final event « Buildings As Materials Banks – a pathway for a circular future », that was hosted in Brussels from 05 to 07 February 2019.

Very interesting panels and research projects were presented, giving a good overview of the current situation of circularity in the built environment in the EU, as well as of the most interesting policies, strategies and tools that are being implemented and can be applyied in our projects, starting from today.

The main topics were :

— Management tools and supportive mechanisms for circular applications and business models,
— Strategies, tools and systems to promote circular economy in buildings
— Design for adaptability, reconfiguration and high reuse potential
— Environmental assessment and economic impacts for measuring circularity
— Efficient waste and resources management
— Barriers and opportunities for a circular built environment
— BIM and digitalisation towards high reuse potential and circular economy

The EU funded BAMB project brings 15 parties throughout Europe together for one mission – enabling a systemic shift in the building sector by creating circular solutions.

BAMB is creating ways to increase the value of building materials. Dynamically and flexibly designed buildings can be incorporated into a circular economy – where materials in buildings sustain their value. That will lead to waste reduction and the use of fewer virgin resources.


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© BAMB 2020