The action plan for circular economy is one of the key elements of the 'Green Deal', the new European sustainable growth programme adopted in March 2020. For the building sector, this plan aims at a comprehensive strategy for a sustainable built environment, applying the principles of circular economy throughout the design and construction process.

DDS+ considers sustainable construction as an integral part of the design process that guarantees architectural quality, a guiding thread that takes into account the social, environmental and urban planning aspects related to each project.

Our R&D unit closely follows developments in sustainable construction and ensures the link with daily architectural practice. Raising awareness, training and appropriation of the principles of sustainable design are at the heart of DDS+'s thinking process. Our R&D department also intervenes by challenging architects at key moments in the design of each project. It has also developed a series of tools that accompany teams throughout the process in order to make well-founded and appropriate decisions.

Our 'sustainable projects' guide brings together criteria, indicators and methods on a wide range of themes (decarbonization, resource preservation, circular economy, health and well-being, resilience to climate change, biodiversity, mobility, sociocultural dimension...). For each project, a 'rosette' is established to visualize, internally and with our clients, the evolution of the objectives throughout the project process.

Together, we ensure that our projects are fully in line with European objectives. Together, we build the cities of tomorrow.