Renolab Prize Award to Oxy

From obsolete to sustainable, Oxy renovates an outdated building using a circular approach.

Granted the Renolab award, this renovation prioritizes urban mining and conserves the existing structure as much as possible. Thanks to the preservation of 85% of the building's initial mass (slabs, columns, beams, elevator walls, etc.), the equivalent to 16% of the annual demolition/construction waste in the Brussels Capital region is actually avoided. Up to 90% of demolition waste is recycled and building elements are inventoried to be recovered (via reuse circuits and a large donation event) or used directly on site (lighting fixtures, doors, aluminum profiles, travertine…).

Offering several layout possibilities adapted to different functions, Oxy is designed to provide flexible and reversible construction solutions; the new partitions are lightweight and modular; the layout for access and techniques give the program the possibility to change easily over time; the old facade is completely replaced by a new, high-performant envelope organized into several modules adapted to different orientations and interior functions (double glazing for offices, triple glazing for housing, hotel and terrace)…

More permeable, more interactive and more optimal, the Oxy project creates a building that meets current needs, capable of adapting to their potential evolution.

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