+ 3 hectares
+1 new street
+ 2 small squares
+ 1 tree-lined promenade
+ 16 buildings
+ 291 new homes
+ 2 shops
+ 1 crèche
= Îlot Saint Roch

On this perfectly located site, next to the historic centre of Nivelles and the RAVeL, the foundations of a new neighbourhood are being laid. Starting at the end of 2021, the first phase includes the six buildings along the RAVeL (120 housing units, 2 shops and a crèche), with the second phase including the ten buildings to the south of the new street crossing the site. The construction of this vast new sustainable neighbourhood should take four years.

On an industrial wasteland, polluted and unoccupied for 30 years, a new street, two small squares and a tree-lined promenade will connect the site to the surrounding neighbourhood. Around the new public spaces, 16 different types of buildings will be built. ‘Families’ of buildings with different volumes and materials have been designed to diversify the living environment and create a mixed neighbourhood that is coherent and well-integrated in its environment. Three shades of brick, flat and gabled roofs are among the elements inspired by the architectural style of the surrounding built environment.