This Wednesday 29 September, the inauguration of the 76 passive apartments and 4 single-family houses that make up the "Les Saules" project (housing), developed by Macan Development in part for the Fond du Logement, took place in the presence of Mrs. Nawal Ben Hamou, Secretary of State for the Brussels-Capital Region in charge of Housing, Mrs. El Hamidine, Mayor of Forest, as well as representatives of the Brussels-Capital Region's Fond du Logement.

The "Les Saules" project (housing) is adjacent to the "Les Saules" project (nursing home), which has been completed in 2020, on a vast plot of 14,981 m2, a former industrial wasteland in the lower part of Forest.

A public pedestrian path, accessible to the emergency services, crosses the project and creates a new junction for soft mobility, between the rue du Patinage and the boulevard de la 2e Armée Britannique. This new path, retroceded to the municipality of Forest and named "Rue Fernand Gillion", is accessible from the boulevard through a porch.

An urban river has been devoted. Its source, channeled, starts behind the nursing home. It is illuminated along our buildings, then flows back under the boulevard de la 2e Armée Britannique. This urban river collects and maximizes the infiltration of runoff water into the ground. It is home to a wide variety of living species, both animal and plant, and increases biodiversity in the city through a rare environment.

The building on the boulevard de la 2e Armée Britannique is in keeping with the typology of the recently constructed terraced buildings. The architecture of the buildings in the interior of the block plays on variations in mass to offer optimal views and luminosity. The quiet interior of the block offers quality public spaces for the residents and a public square completes these facilities.