Building permit obtained for a connected work station

An architectural landmark and a catalyst for the development of its urban environment, The Hub project will breathe new life into the Liège-Guillemins station district.

Located at the end of track 1 at the station, in a rich but fragmented urban fabric, the project is imagined as a link between the station and the city, punctuating the alignments of Rue du Plan Incliné and providing a view from Rue des Guillemins.

Through an architecture that is in dialogue with its context, the project aims to rationalise this space by repairing urban discontinuities. Thanks to its curvy volumetry, façade materials and rhythms that reflect the architectural vocabulary of Liège-Guillemins, the building will fit in at the foot of an imposing station while evoking the railway sleepers.

Combining thoughtful architecture with the flexibility and energy efficiency in the heart of a district undergoing major changes, The Hub will be a model of urban development for the Cité Ardente.

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