This Friday, our team met up around the question “renovate or demolish ?” during a new “Midi de l’Archi”.

Today, that important question arises more and more often at the beginning of a project concerning an existing building and its heritage value. Indeed, regional and municipal authorities seek to stimulate a new trend which aims to favor the maintenance and transformation of existing buildings rather than their demolition, for mainly ecological reasons.

Based on the experience accumulated by DDS + through various projects (among others Networks NØR and Royale Belge), our architects Maruxa and Ornella, part of the R&D unit, compared recurring issues solutions. Among these, we can mention : mix of functions, modularity of the structure, compact technical solutions, ...

This « Midi de l’Archi » will open discussion within DDS +. It will also enable us to work on future strategies in order to support our clients for innovative and ecofriendly projects.