Architect & Urban Planner Co‑founding partner


Since she was studying architecture at La Cambre and urban planning at the UCL, Dominique has been asking questions about the future of the city, as well as the importance of the role of public open spaces and landscape in residents’ quality of life. It is her passion for architecture and urban planning on a daily basis, the interfaces with stakeholders, the pride in her achievements and the tremendous enjoyment of working in a team which generate her energy and enthusiasm. Her openness and interest in continuing training create a climate propitious for listening and dialogue, which she likes so much at DDS+. She contributes actively to new thinking about architectural design in all projects, bringing creativity to bear and expressing everyone’s ideas through a culture that encourages initiative. Teamwork harnessing complementary skills, sharing experience and involving everyone represents real added value in every project and opens the door to the aspirations of younger generations. Anticipating new trends, giving life to varied creations which take account of their surroundings and the issues of the future continue to inspire her to share that ambition within DDS+ and with all her external partners.

Projects Dominique worked on

Project name Project location Project timespan
Site Van Oost Brussels (Schaerbeek) 2018
Shape 2020 Mons 2017
Rue du Premier Lanciers (Site des Casernes) Namur 2017
Carabiniers Wavre 2018
Rive Gauche Charleroi 2017
Îlot Sacré Brussels 2017
La Strada La Louvière 2019—2020
City Dox Brussels (Anderlecht) Building permit in 2019
La Sucrerie Ath 2019
Edition Brussels 2017 — 2019
Compas Brussels (Anderlecht) 2017 — 2019
Sauvenière Liège Building permit obtained in 2018
The Mint Brussels 2017
Oquai Verviers Building permit in 2014
Brussels office Brussels 2016
Rue du Roetaert Brussels (Uccle) 2016
Court Saint-Etienne Court Saint-Etienne Building permit in 2018
Garden Store Louise Brussels 2017
Laiterie 1 Brussels (Anderlecht) 2017 — 2019
Palatium Brussels 2018
Îlot Saint-Roch Nivelles 2010
Voltaire Brussels (Schaerbeek) 2017 — 2019
The K. Brussels 2017 — 2019
The Yard Brussels (Anderlecht) 2017 — 2019
Manneken Brussels 2017
Brunfaut Brussels (Molenbeek-Saint-Jean) 2018 — 2020
Les Saules (Rest & Care home) Brussels (Forest) 2017 — 2019
Les Saules (Housing) Brussels (Forest) 2019—2020
La Laiterie Brussels (Anderlecht) 2018 — 2021
Aquilis Namur 2015 — 2019
Victory Brussels (Woluwe-Saint-Lambert) 2016
Trèves Montoyer Brussels (Ixelles) 2018
The Youth Village Farm Lab Milan 2016
Atradius Namur 2016
SME Park Magellan Brussels (Neder-Over-Heembeek) 2016
SME Park Newton Brussels (Anderlecht) 2014
Bassem Brussels (Auderghem) 2015
Prison de Leuze Leuze-en-Hainaut 2013
Genève Park Brussels (Evere) 2015
Cours Saint-Michel Brussels (Etterbeek) 2015
Desguinlei Antwerp 2013
Royal Botanic Brussels (Saint-Josse-ten-Noode) Building permit in 2015
Victoriehof Turnhout 2012
Maadi Nile Corniche Cairo 2009
Fire Station Charleroi Charleroi 2010
Fire Station Jambes Jambes 2010
Taj City Cairo 2008 — 2016
Rue Saints Pierre et Paul Brussels (Neder-Over-Heembeek) 2012
Rue Haute - Rue des Capucins Brussels 2012
Rue de Theux Brussels (Etterbeek) 2011
Quais de Sambre Charleroi 2009
Groeninckx de May Brussels (Anderlecht) 2013
Anvers Simons Brussels 2012
Carolus Den Bosch s-Hertogenbosch 2011
Place de la Digue Charleroi 2013