Architect - Research in sustainable development


With a Master’s in Bioclimatic Architecture from ETSA Madrid and a degree in architectural engineering from ETSA Barcelona, Maruxa then obtained a PhD in Art of Building and Urban Planning from the Faculty of Architecture at ULB in Brussels. With a keen interest in research, Maruxa started a research office focused on the quality of school infrastructures in Brussels, in collaboration with Marina, another architect at DDS+. They have published two works, one of which serves as a European-level reference for good practices in the field. As well as her many scientific publications, Maruxa has developed many decision-making tools based on multi-criteria and life-cycle analyses. After a long period of academic research, she was keen to return to the field in order to translate the results of her research into concrete outcomes, and returned to DDS+. Strongly committed to the evaluation of the environmental and socio-economic impact of the built environment, she is also responsible for the R&D unit in our practice.