A new beginning for DDS+

In 2014, DDS+ began a new chapter in its history with Bulle Leroy, Didier Peremans, François Couvreur, Vincent Dupont, Geert Vanoverschelde, and Luigi Bellello.

Since October 1st, the historic partners of DDS+, Dominique Delbrouck, Grégoire de Jerphanion, Christian Sibilde, Dirk Bigaré, and Olivier Callebaut, have come full circle: they've transferred their shares to the new managing team.

Operating in tandem with the founding members of the firm for the past nine years, the new managing partners have been able to perpetuate the company’s unique approach with freedom and creativity.

“With our commitment over many years alongside the historic founders, our team is ready to ensure the continuity of our practice, known for its contemporary approach, sensitivity to functional diversity, and based on civic, social, and environmental responsibility.”

Supported by 75 enthusiasts, the new management is looking forward to tackle upcoming challenge and to reinvent itself with every project.