DDS+ creates buildings that respond to what they need to be within their specific context. Specialized in diversification.

A studio with a strong background

Founded in 2006 by Grégoire de Jerphanion, Dominique Delbrouck, Christian Sibilde, Dirk Bigaré and Olivier Callebaut, the group expanded in 2014 with 6 new partners, Bulle Leroy, Didier Peremans, Luigi Bellello, Francois Couvreur, Vincent Dupont and Geert Vanoverschelde, who have taken over the management of DDS+ since October 2023. The new management team aims to perpetuate the company's unique approach with ambition and creativity.

A tight-knit, motivated and dynamic team

Rich in ideas, the architecture studio has 70 collaborators of different nationalities and personalities, combining creativity with practical concerns. Focused on people first and foremost, DDS+ has designed a working environment that promotes team spirit, where everyone is an active participant in the creative process and contributes to the quality of the architecture produced. DDS+ has developed a company culture that promotes the freedom and responsibility of its staff, and a feeling of collaboration by involving the team in decision-making and being open to new ideas.

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Smart addition makes +

Creativity and co-construction – create, integrate, distinguish

DDS+ advocates a culture promoting reflection and collective spirit. Each feasibility study, each competition and each project is an opportunity to conceive and to build ‘together’ – with project owners, authorities and consultancies – the projects of the future. This makes DDS+ a key coordinator between all project participants. This means sharing, with all those involved, the pride of making a collective contribution to the quality of life in a town or city. At DDS+, each architectural project tells its own story, and its identity results from this unpredictable exchange of energies, mix of different personalities, expertise and resources. This is our hallmark, our signature.

DDS+ is a firm of architects registered with the Ordre des Architectes, whose Rules of Professional Conduct are available at this address.